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Our Team

We started because of our personal experience managing care for loved ones facing significant health challenges. We believe there's a better way to coordinate care. 

Leadership Team

Ted Quinn, MBA
CEO & Co-Founder
Patrick Schmid, PhD
Chief Technology Officer
David Fanara
Chief Revenue Officer
Imre Fitos
Chief Security Officer
Jonathan Abbett, MA
VP, User Experience
Jessica Sattler, RN MSN
VP, Implementations & Account Services
Michael Sattler, MBA
VP, Operations
Katelyn Young, MPH
Director of Product
Dan Kamyck
Director of Marketing

Our Team

Aaron Bendersky
Technical Support Engineer
Akshita Singh, MS
Inbound Marketing Associate
Alejandro Gutierrez, MPH
Customer Engagement Specialist
Emily Bennewies, MPH
Program Manager
Erik Raudsepp
Director, Software Engineering Operations
Ethan Carter
Sales & Marketing Intern
John Gaskin
Senior Software Engineer
Joon Lee
Technical Lead
Julia Friedland
Inbound Marketing Associate
Matt Goudreau
Director, Implementations & Account Services
Nicole LaCasse, MBA
Senior Sales Director
Rachel Roppolo
Technical Lead
Rakesh Pankhania
Technical Lead
Russ Patten
Sales Director
Scott Pelrine
Sales Director

Board of Directors

Isaac Kohane, MD PhD
Co-Founder & Board Member
Kenneth Mandl, MD MPH
Co-Founder & Board Member
Clay Christensen, MPhil DBA
Board Member
Matt Christensen, MBA
Board Member

Board of Advisors

Troy Brennan, MD JD MPH
Marc Dupre, JD
Linda Elam, PhD MPH
Mark Frisse, MD MS MBA
John Halamka, MD MS
Duncan McCallum, MBA
Jason Robart