Health & Social Care Coordination 2

Health & Social Care Coordination

Imagine if our healthcare system seamlessly coordinated care around all of our physical, behavioral, and social needs. With, this is the new standard of care.
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What’s Care Coordination?

Every person deserves high-quality, integrated, comprehensive care. This should always be the case, but silos between health and social care cause errors, poor outcomes, and higher costs. Care coordination is an intentional strategy to remove silos, integrate health and social care, and address the needs of each of us as whole people.
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All-in-One Care Coordination Software

Everything you need to manage high-quality care coordination programs that make care teams more effective and person-centered in their daily work.
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Elicit person-centered goals and make them the cornerstone of shared care plans.
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One place for everyone across the community to share knowledge, action items, and status updates. 
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Everybody across the continuum of care knows what they're responsible for and when it needs to happen.
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Never miss a beat. Alerts and notifications keep you informed of what's happening in the lives of those you serve.
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Track every point of contact, take notes, and share them with everybody – wherever they are.
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Portable, digital assessment and survey tools help you capture and organize all the necessary information.
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See who is on the care team, what their role is, and get in touch with them – across all organizations that share in your work.
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Manage groups of patients and clients at once, ensuring nobody falls through the cracks and everyone receives high-quality care.