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Akshita Singh
2019 Medicaid Trends: State Medicaid Financing Strategies

Medicaid's impact on the national healthcare system is hard to overstate. As..

Akshita Singh
2019 Medicaid Trends: Consumer Engagement & Access Strategies

As Medicaid remains dynamic and evolving, 2019 is likely to see many changes..

Julia Friedland
Housing First Profile: Camden, NJ

The Housing First Program introduced by the Camden Coalition of Healthcare..

Akshita Singh
2019 Medicaid Trends: Value-Based Purchasing & Whole Person Care

Medicaid provides health and long-term care coverage to more than 70 million..

Akshita Singh
The ROI of the Camden Coalition's Care Model

There is a growing acknowledgement that the US healthcare system fails..

Akshita Singh
Healthcare Hotspotting: Camden's data-driven strategy for coordinated care

Healthcare hotspotting is a care management technique which makes strategic..

Julia Friedland
Trauma Informed Care: What we can learn from the Camden Coalition and other leaders

Trauma can be detrimental to one’s emotional and physical health and can..

Akshita Singh
How housing influences health: A conversation with the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute

The high cost of housing is a major public health issue that is affecting..

Akshita Singh
Taking AIM at Rising Rates of Maternal Morbidity and Mortality

There is exciting innovation happening in maternal and child health..

Akshita Singh
Examining Food Deserts in the US:  Lessons Learned from Philadelphia's Success Story

There are multiple social factors that affect a person’s health and life..

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