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Dan Kamyck
How You Can Benefit From Community Resource Referral Management

Communities across the country are updating their resource directories and..

Dan Kamyck
4 Ways Your Referral Management Strategy Can Result in SDOH Outcomes

As the shift to value-based care continues, organizations from all areas of..

Dan Kamyck
Top SDOH Sessions at MHPA2019

The Medicaid Health Plans of America meet this week in Washington, DC...

Dan Kamyck
Top SDOH Sessions at SHIEC19

The Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative meets this week in..

Dan Kamyck
Top SDOH Sessions at HIMSS19

This year, we expect the sessions and speakers at HIMSS19 to more closely..

Dan Kamyck
People to Follow on Twitter for #CenteringCare18

This week, the National Center for Complex Health & Social Needs hosts their..

Dan Kamyck
The 2018 midterms and healthcare: here's what we know

The 2018 midterm elections certainly lived up to the drama they have..

Dan Kamyck
For National Health IT Week '18, automation in healthcare gets the spotlight

Every year since 2006, HIMSS has recognized a nationwide awareness week..

Dan Kamyck
Building Trust on Skid Row: A Walking Tour with LA's Skid Row Housing Trust

Across the County of Los Angeles, the homeless population has soared 23%..

Dan Kamyck
Unpacking “Savings” Concepts at Accountable Care Organizations

The meaning of the term “savings” for an ACO continues to generate some..

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