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Ted Quinn
How one California county is tackling poverty differently
46 million Americans live in poverty every day. 
On average, 2.5 million..
Caterina Hill
Success with Analytics & Reporting for SDOH Care

One of the most rewarding aspects of working at is that we get to see..

Dan Kamyck
CMS releases standardized screening tool for health-related social needs

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in June 2017 and has been..

Rich Porcelli
2020 Outlook: From Referral Management to SDOH Outcomes

In 2019, welcomed Rich Porcelli to the company as Director of..

Dan Kamyck
2020 Outlook: New Year, New SDOH Policies

Every passing week seems to bring a new change in healthcare policy focused..

Julia Friedland
What's on the Horizon For Health Data Interoperability

The social determinants of health are gaining more acknowledgment as factors..

Dan Kamyck
2020 Outlook: The Rise of SDOH Executives

The social determinants of health have a new champion sitting amongst the..

Julia Friedland
Screening for SDOH: What do patients think?

Social determinants of health affect everyone, but properly addressing them..

Dan Kamyck
The Hero’s Guide to Putting Care at the Center

For the past several years, has been proud to attend and present at..

Ted Quinn
Defining the New Era of SDOH Care: Trends and Best Practices for Stakeholders

Social needs have long been an important concern in the healthcare space,..

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