Our mission is to help the world act differently to achieve better health outcomes.
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With, everyone can act together to make healthier lives happen.

Established in 2013, is a nationally-recognized provider of community-based care coordination technology. has been selected by national and regional healthcare and community organizations across the United States to seamlessly facilitate real-time, cross-sector collaboration around patients with complex health, behavioral, and social needs.
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Industry Leading Solution for Social Determinants of Health enables real-time coordination between health care and community services for vulnerable populations. Our team is focused on helping you generate ROI and improve quality of life for the people you serve.
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Health & Social Care Coordination
Imagine if our healthcare system seamlessly coordinated care around all of our physical, behavioral, and social needs. With, this is the new standard of care.
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Cross-Sector Data Exchange
Connecting information systems and sharing data across the care continuum requires your community to go beyond what is comfortable and familiar. helps you get it done.
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Reporting & Analytics
Do more with the integrated health data your team generates every day. Let us help you shift toward a proactive, data-driven model of care across medical, behavioral, and social services.
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Security & Privacy's powerful privacy infrastructure and permissions management tools come standard with every implementation. It's what we do.