New Feature Launch and Update

By Meghan LaMacchia | October 6, 2017 at 10:59 AM

Welcome to Projects!



Project plans are a HIPAA compliant space to manage clinical projects.  Set goals, assign tasks, start discussions and share files with your team, just as you do with patient plans.  In projects you can also assign projects to yourself, this is a helpful space to expand your “to do” list.  

How do you create a project?

  1. Navigate to ‘Projects’ in the top navigation bar

  2. Click on, ‘Create a New Project Plan’.

  3. Create a name for your project and, if you’d like, include some details about the purpose of the project.

  4. Click “Create Plan”.

Inline image 1

What else is new?

You may notice that the Plans page is now the Patients Page.  Please go here to find a list of your patient plans.